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Pahrump Community Library
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Agenda for April 10, 2023

Board of Trustees:

Matt Morris - Trustee
Dee Mounts – Trustee
Dave Ochenreider – Trustee                              Pahrump Library District
John Shewalter – Chairman                                Doris Shirky, Founder
Brian Shoemake – Vice Chairman              701 East Street Pahrump, NV  89048
                                                                      Main: 775-727-5930 Fax: 775-727-6209


Date:  April 10, 2023
Time:  10:00 A.M.
Place: Pahrump Community Library
701 East Street Pahrump, NV 89048
           Meeting Room           

We have resumed having meetings in person at the library while practicing social distancing. Pursuant to the State of Nevada Governor’s Guidance for COVID-19 safety measures, Pahrump Library District will hold public meetings with limited in-person capacity.  

*   Members of the public who wish to address the Library Board of Trustees may come forward and speak on any topic that is relevant to or within the authority of the Library Board. The Board respects the rights of citizens to present differing opinions and views.  The public comment period at library district board meeting shall be limited to a maximum of forty-five (45) minutes for general public comment items.
Remarks by speakers during any public comment period shall be limited to three (3) minutes each. Additionally, public comment of up to three minutes per person may be heard during individual action items.  The Chairman reserves the right to reduce the time allowed for public comment.  The Chairman may prohibit comment if the content of the comments is a topic that is not relevant to, or within the authority of the Board, or if the content of the comments is willfully disruptive of the meeting by being irrelevant, repetitious, slanderous, offensive, inflammatory, irrational or amounting to personal attacks or interfering with the rights of other speakers.  If you believe your item requires extended discussion or action, you may ask a member of the Board to place it on the Board’s agenda for a future meeting. No action may be taken on a matter raised under general public comment of the agenda unless the matter is noticed on a Board agenda as an item on which action may be taken. 

Items on the agenda without a time designation may be taken out of order. The Chairman may combine two or more agenda items for consideration. The Chairman may remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time. Items on the agenda without a time designation may not necessarily be considered in the order in which they appear on the agenda.

NOTICE: It is anticipated that the items of business before the Pahrump Library District on April 10, 2023 will be fully completed on that date. However, should item(s) not be completed, it is possible item(s) could be carried over and be heard before the Pahrump Library District Board of Trustees beginning at 10:00 a.m. on the next day.

Copies of the reference material and any additional supporting material will be made available at the Pahrump Community Library, located at 701 East Street, Pahrump, Nevada 89048 or by contacting Library Director at 775-727-5930 or  Copies of any such material will also be made available at the meeting site.  
Pursuant to NRS 241.020, the agenda is posted at the following locations:

NRS 241.020 requires that written notice of all meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Pahrump Library District be given at least three working days before the meetings.  The notice shall include the time, place, location, and the agenda of the meeting.

Disabled members of the public who require reasonable accommodations in order to attend this meeting are asked to notify the Library Director 775-727-5930 at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. 

1)    Call to order

2)    Members Roll Call

3)    Pledge of Allegiance

4)    Trustee/Director/Liaison Comments: - This item is limited to announcements or topics/issues proposed for future workshops, committees and agendas.

5)    Approval of April 10, 2023 Agenda (Non-action item)

6)    GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT: * (Action will NOT be taken on matters considered during this period until specifically included on an agenda as an action item.)

7)    For Possible Action: Emergency Items

8)    For Possible Action: Discussion and deliberation to approve or amend and approve the meeting minutes for March 13, 2023.

9)    Presentation: Treasurer’s Report by Vanja Anderson for discussion of monthly expenditures and revenue for March 2023.

10)    For Possible Action:  Discussion and deliberation to approve or amend and approve payment vouchers for March 2023 through April 2023. 

11)    Presentation: Librarian’s Report by Vanja Anderson, Shanna Gibbons and Alysha Wogee for discussion on library activity for March 2023. Report activities include, but are not limited to, patron traffic, books checked out, books returned, fees collected, online story time, STEAM, internet use, website usage and materials added.

12)    For Possible action: Discussion and deliberation to approve, amend and approve or reject 1) estimate number 11242 by Industrial Light and Power, LLC to provide electrical changes per Arch Flash Coordination Study Engineer’s report in the amount of $ 9,611.00 and 2) to fund from capital improvements fund.

13)    For Possible Action:  Discussion and deliberation to re-catalog books from the area of the library that is dedicated to youth services, based upon the book’s educational suitability, appropriateness to age and grade level. 

14)    Trustee/Director/Liaison Comments: This item is limited to announcements or topics/issues proposed for future workshops, committees and agendas.

15)    Adjournment