as of 07/8/20

Ordinary Love    
Wild Florida    
The Mighty Weasel    
Like a Boss    
The Gentlemen    
The Last Full Measure    
Lancaster Skies    
I Still Believe    
Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On    
Bad Boys for Life    
Little Women    
Just Mercy    
Escape from Pretoria    
Earth's Sacred Wonders    
The Woman Who Loves Giraffes    

as of 08/5/20

The Photograph            
Lost Transmissions            
Cat and Dog Tales            
Mysteries of Sleep            
Polar Extremes            
Urban Cowboy            
Bruce Springsteen: In Performance            
The Beatles: The Early Years 1962-1966

Kids’ Library:

Think like a Dog            
Science Kids: Spiders; a Web of Wonder            
Bubble Guppies: The Great Guppy Games            
15 Pet-Tastic Tails

"NEW to the Library but older" MOVIES
added April, May, June

Red Army - BRD
Real Steel - BRD
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - BRD
Atomica - DVD
The Cobbler - DVD
The Equalizer 2-Movie Collection - DVD
The 5th Wave - DVD
Hickok - DVD
IT (1990) - DVD
Jungle - DVD
Stuber - DVD
The Ticket - DVD
12 Action-Packed Films         
The Veil - DVD
47 Ronin - DVD



Kids Movies: