By Kerri Maniscalco
Reviewed by Carlton McCaslin

   Author Maniscalco, in her newest novel, once again introduces us to the Victorian era teenage crime fighters, Audrey Rose Wadsworth and the insufferably charming Thomas Cresswell. By the third book in the series, Audrey Rose’s feelings toward Thomas have changed and she realizes that she is in love with him. In this book, they are in Chicago for the World’s Fair and are planning on getting married.
   However, things are never smooth for Audrey Rose. First, Thomas’ father, Lord Portland, has other plans. Then there is the body of a woman cut up much like how Jack the Ripper left his victims. They run into an old school mate from the class in Rumania who is working for Pinkerton and tell him there are several missing women. If that isn’t enough they also run across the ringmaster from the Midnight Carnival where all the murders happened aboard ship.
   The more she works on this case the more she is convinced that this serial killer might have been London’s “Jack the Ripper.”
   Will she with her true love solve this mystery or fall prey to this killer?
   I find all three of these books a great combination of historical facts and added fiction but the only way to really enjoy the tale is to go back and start with book one, “Stalking Jack the Ripper,” and read through books two and three in order.
   All of these books are available in the Young Adult section of the children’s library at the Pahrump Community Library.


 Back before the “Stay Home”, I was standing in line at the bank. The gentleman in line in front of me was complaining about the line, the Sheriffs’ Dept., the city officials and anyone else he could think of. He finally turned to me and asked me why I live here because nobody of any good came from Pahrump.
    I told him he should read Joe McCauley’s book “PUCK DREAMS & OTHER STORIES.” It is filled with stories of remarkable people from Pahrump. This book is also available at the library.

  These books are available in the fiction section of the Pahrump Community Library. Click here to contact the review author, Carlton McCaslin.