June book review
The Ol’ Book Buzzard
By Carlton McCaslin

  If this forced hibernation has left the reader feeling torpid or lethargic there is help. First off the Pahrump Community Library will reopen on Wednesday, June 3 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.
  Second off there is nothing like a good adventure book to get the blood and brain moving. For enough adventure to keep the reader up all night there is nothing like a Vince Flynn novel. Flynn has written fourteen bestsellers about a U.S. government assassin named Mitch Rapp, who works for the C.I.A.
  Rapp is constantly protecting the U. S. from foreign terrorists. However, some of Rapp’s worst enemies are greedy self-serving politicians in our own government.
  Unfortunately, Flynn died of cancer a few years back. But even though he passed on, his main character is still out there protecting us. An author named Kyle Mills has taken on the telling of Rapp’s adventures. They are just as exciting as the original
  The Pahrump Community Library has a large selection of Vince Flynn books. If you cannot find the one you want on the regular shelf try the large print. It could be easier on the eyes.
  Because the library has been closed for the last two months I’ll list the address in case it has been forgotten. The Pahrump Community Library is located at 701 East St.

  These books are available in the fiction section of the Pahrump Community Library. Click here to contact the review author, Carlton McCaslin.