The Last Stand

By Mickey Spillane

   In July of 2006, fiction crime writer Mickey Spillane passed away, leaving many unpublished and unfinished manuscripts in his three different offices.  It was up to his friend and fellow crime writer, Max Allan Collins, to finish and publish what he could. The Last Stand was the last tale completed by Spillane.   This year would have been Spillane’s 100th birthday and Collins felt it would be a great way to celebrate the event by releasing the novel now.

   There are two short novels it the book, the first one being A Bullet for Satisfaction.  This unpublished, until now, work is typical Spillane.  It is about tough-as-nails ex-police Captain Dexter who is on a trail of vengeance to save his town from political corruption. The story is filled with cooked politicians, gorgeous girls, violence, and sex (though the sex is never graphic).

   The Last Stand’s hero is another two-fisted adventurer much in the tradition of Mike Hammer, Spillane’s famous private eye.  His name is Joe Gillian and he is forced to make an emergency landing in the desert where he is caught in a struggle between an Indian tribe, FBI agents, and crooked fortune hunters.  He becomes friends with an Indian called Pete who has a college education and a beautiful sister.  Gillian may have found the girls of his dream if it wasn’t for a brute called “Big Arms” who considers the sister his “girl” and will kill any man who looks at her.

   For fans of Mickey Spillane and his brand of writing, this book does not disappoint. 

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