In memory of our friend Carlton McCaslin, we see it fitting to leave his last book review here for a while. You will be missed Ol' Buzzard!



February Book Review

By David Baldacci
Reviewed by Carlton McCaslin

  February is the month of love, true love, squashy love, and puppy love. Romance is not my usual reading subject, so The Buzzard went in the other direction. This is author Baldacci’s third book about Will Robie and his partner Jessica Reel, America’s most talented assassins. But there are those in government that do not trust them. 
  A plot to assassinate the supreme ruler of North Korea in which the President of the United States is involved comes to light. Robie and Reel are called upon to clean up this mess. Just before they can take out the general who is behind this plot, he shoots himself. His final words are, “Tell your President to go to hell and take care of my children.”
  The general has no children of his own, but he does have an adopted son and daughter. In North Korea, even adopted children share the same evil as the parents. The President, feeling remorse, wants Robie and Reed to free them and bring them to the United States to live. 
  If they are successful, the North Koreans will retaliate by killing the President’s children, which will be carried out by a young North Korean female assassin named Chung-Cha, who has a young female in tow as part of her disguise.
  There are about three other subplots to this book. Will these characters appear in book four? 
  If they do, you’ll love it.

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