No Exit
by Taylor Adams

  If Agatha Christie and Steven King had written a novel together this would be it.

  The mystery begins when Darby Thorne, a college student on the way to see her dying mother, gets caught in a mega-blizzard. She pulls into highway rest-stop to wait out the storm. There are four other people in the rest-stop waiting room. Desperate to make a cell phone call, she goes out into the storm to try and get reception. After no luck she heads back into the building, but on the way she passes a van with a little girl locked in an animal cage.

   Who is this girl? Why was she taken and by whom? And how can Darby save her? One of the four people in the rest stop building must be a kidnapper. Who can she trust?  Trapped in a remote area with no way to contact anyone, she must find a way to save the child and herself.

   Here is where King’s style of diabolical terror takes over, as the pages are filled with tension, terror, and twists that are as scary as the slick ice- and snow-covered roads in this story, particularly the ending.

   The tale moves at a fast pace and will very likely keep the reader up most of the night turning the pages to find what comes next.

   Taylor Adams’ “No Exit” is an excellent new book in the genre of psychological thrillers.  It can be found in the “New” section at the Pahrump Community Library and it just might have a waiting list--but it will be worth it.

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