Chase Darkness With Me: How One True-Crime Writer Started Solving Murders
by Billy Jensen

   In this autobiography, Mr. Jensen tells how he started as a writer of true crime. He claims that it was partly his father’s fault for reading the local scandal paper and then showing him the headlines, saying that the criminal had been caught.
   Dissatisfied with writing stories with no endings, Jensen finally signed on to a television show about true crime, but with the same results. The problem was that he wanted to solve crimes--find the killers--instead of just reporting stories without endings.
   Jensen becomes friends with Michelle McNamara who spent over five years tracking the Golden State Killer, a man who killed twelve people and raped 49 women. His own quest became the Allentown Four, a group of three young girls and a young woman who were killed and then stuffed into fifty-gallon barrels and left in a woodland area.
   One night after the death of McNamara, Jensen came up with a plan to investigate crimes the cops had given up on. He used the Internet to crowd source. Soon he was getting results. But it took the use of familial DNA to finally catch the Golden State Killer.
    For anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps, the final chapter outlines exactly how to become a “citizen detective.”
   Jensen’s journalism style of writing makes this book intensely interesting and it is also a fast read. It could be read while waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to cook.

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