August Book Review
The Ol’ Book Buzzard
By Carlton McCaslin

Brave New World
By Aldous Huxley

  Are you feeling a little put-out? Right now, you have to wear masks, keep a six-foot social distance, no crowds of over ten persons, don’t touch your face, wash your hands, and stay home as much as possible. This is all recommended by science as the only way to stop the coronavirus from spreading.
  “Brave New World” is considered a classic tale and located in the Classic section of the Pahrump Community Library. It is also considered required reading in some high school classes. For those who like a visual presentation, it is being streamed on the Peacock network this season.
  The story is set in the year 632 AF (After Ford). Earth is under the power of scientists. The family unit no longer exists because science can do a better job. A single ovary can yield a thousand brothers and sisters in the lab. Using shock treatment and dream learning, the children become ready to take their place in society. However, recreational sex is encouraged with as many partners as possible.
  There is also a drug handed out to everyone to keep them in a good mood because a happy society does not cause trouble.
If you need to feel emotions, then you go to a feely. It is where you can feel the emotion of the actor. All the books in the library are just for research, no books of fiction or history. That way emotion cannot be felt and history does not matter. Today is all that matters.
  Of course, there is something of a plot and story, but Huxley’s purpose for the book was his thinking that science was going to ruining the world. He even compared it to Wells’ novel “ 1984,” where politicians ruin the world.
  My purpose for writing this review is to let the reader know that no matter how bad it seems now it can always be worse.

  These books are available in the fiction section of the Pahrump Community Library. Click here to contact the review author, Carlton McCaslin.