Looking Back Through the Life of the Master Artist

 By Dorothy Slikker 

This autobiography of local artist Dorothy Slikker tells of how she rose from being the child of a poor farmer to become a master artist.  It is a short book of only 80 pages and could easily be devoured in a lunch-hour, but it is still interesting to read how this resident of Pahrump rose to the top of her art.

The story actually starts 10 years before she is born. The dust bowl had moved into the Oklahoma farming belt. Dust was everywhere. It was into the food that they ate, the clothing they wore--and the land was barren. Like so many others her grandparents and parents packed up and moved to California.

In 1940 Dorothy was born. As a child, she often worked in the fields. But she states that she hated farm work, and she certainly never wanted to marry a farmer. However the man she fell in love with and married was John Slikker, a farmer, and she is still married to him.

Before becoming an artist Dorothy owned a dress shop, was a cake decorator and fashion merchandiser, and raised three boys.

In 1976 she started her art studies and has been painting ever since. She became a teacher of the Robert Warren Method of Art. As she gained status she became one of the TOP 60 International Contemporary artists and then among the Top 100 of the World Wide Contemporary Masters. Dorothy Slikker has crowded a lot of living into her book which is available at the Pahrump Community Library. 

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