Stalking Jack the Ripper
by Kerri Maniscalco

   This book is the first novel in author James Patterson’s “Jimmy” series for young adult readers. 
   The narrator of this tale is Audrey Rose Wadsworth. Her father and her aunt are grooming this 17-year-old to be a proper highborn young English lady.  However, she has other plans for herself. After her mother’s death, she apprentices in her uncle’s forensic lab. In Victorian-era London this was not considered a proper vocation for a highborn young lady.
   When the bodies of The Ripper’s victims begin to appear in the lab, the uncle is arrested as the killer. He is tossed in jail to await trail and hanging. Audrey decides to find the real killer and prove her uncle’s innocence. The more she and her companion, Thomas Cresswell, investigate and follow the clues, the closer the identity gets to her home.
   Remember, this is fiction and although the scenes of the murder victims are basically historically correct, the twist that solves the murder--and even answers the question of why The Ripper cut out the organs of his victims--is clever emotion and fiction. The book is listed as an Accelerated Reader which may be due to the blood of the autopsy and the grisly killings.

   This creepy mystery should be started in the early afternoon because it will keep you up well into the night.  Best keep a light on...

   This book, the first in a series, is available in the Young Adult section of the Library. Other titles in the series are: #2 Hunting Prince Dracula and #3 Escaping From Houdini.


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