Special Board Meeting minutes – 8/15/2022
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Member Roll Call: Present were John Shewalter, Dave Ochenreider, Brian Shoemake, Dee Mounts, Kameron Mitchell, Director Vanja Anderson, Asst. Director Shanna Gibbons, and Children’s Director Alysha Wogee. Guests present were members of the public.
Trustee/Director/Liaison Comments: 
Mitchell – Stated he will be speaking with staff today concerning the bookmobile.
Shoemake – Announced the wireless audio and visual equipment is installed in the meeting room. The TV can be used to stream content, connect a laptop, etc. The children’s department has a mobile PA system.
The meeting room is available to the public. Contact the Assistant Director Shanna Gibbons with questions and to schedule. There is a $50 deposit with a cost of $50 for four hours.
Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved as written.
General Public Comment: 
Steve Bacus – Public comments means anyone is allowed to speak on any topic without interruption. The past is past. However, we can improve going forward. Snide comments, interruptions, name calling, or threats from the Trustees is not acceptable. We are here to do what is best for the library. Please be respectful and professional to all and listen to what they have to say and take it under advisement.
C.J. Stevens – Stated that 1) we are at liberty to do or say whatever we want before this meeting is called to order. It is not up to the board to discipline us before that time. 2) She rightly complained about being interrupted and the inappropriate language directed at her from the Vice Chair. She requested that decorum be displayed by the board members as well as the public.
Laura Larsen – Stated that the CDC removed from their information that vaccines do not cause autism. She went on to give data on autism. Asked us to be aware of this and to take care of our children.
Matt Morris – The new equipment is wonderful. He can hear everything that is said. Thank you.
Bruce Schoenberger – Commended the improved audio system. The TV background is very soothing. He is proud of this body. During public comment, we need to tone down our complaints and add positivity to them.
Jenny Okawa – Complimented all on the new system. She doesn’t understand the need for the chair and vice chair to make derogatory comments. She requested that direct and indirect criticism of the past board and directors be refrained from. Some things were approved but not done probably due to Covid.
Sam Jones – The US is in turmoil. There are people from all political views here. We are all citizens. Let’s all get along and make our country great again.
Item 7: Shoemake moved to approve 1) the bid submitted by industrial Light and Power LLC for the library lighting retrofit at a cost of four hundred twenty four thousand, eight hundred dollars ($424,800.00), and 2) to fund from the capital improvements account. The motion was seconded by Ochenreider.
Public Comment: 
Bruce Schoenberger – Recognized the need for lighting. We will save on the electrical bill as LEDs will use less than CFCs and incandescent lighting. The HVAC will work less hard as LEDs don’t emit as much heat. Also, it is a better to make these improvements rather than leaving the money in a low-interest bearing account.
C.J. Stevens – Questioned whether the library needs $400,000 worth of lighting at this time. Inflation is high but it will go down. Costs are high but will go down. We don’t need to pay when costs are high. Fix what needs fixing. It is malfeasance to spend elective funds when it is not an emergency. This is irresponsible.
Jim Studer – We can’t foresee the future; the price could go up. Lighting needs improvement. It’s a good idea.
Bill Hockstedler – New lighting is a great thing for the library and county.
Laura Larsen – This is going to save energy and electrical expense and will be good for us in the long run. It’s a good idea.
Joe Burdzinski – Related his experience in Michigan as an educator. Lighting was an issue. Improvements, although costly, were beneficial for all concerned. He is concerned about the cost but it is needed.
Steve Bacus – Questioned the need for fixture replacement when bulb-type replacement would be more cost effective. Was Director Anderson asked for input? Is the library being run by the board or the director? Did we get three bids? He suggested this item be tabled until competitive bids are obtained. Is any Trustee or family affiliated with Industrial Light and Power? Sound like there might be a kickback for this project. Please put off this decision. These funds may be needed for an emergency.
Vanja Anderson – We have been replacing bulbs with LEDs. I do not have a copy of the bill of materials nor the cost of labor for this project.
Leo Blundo – A written statement from him was read into the record by Trustee Shoemake. It stated that he applauded the current board for making these improvements. He criticized the previous board for not.
Board Comments: 
Andrew James of Industrial Light and Power – Stated that the costs aren’t expected to come down anytime soon. This is a prevailing wage project. This type of project uses commercial fixtures. You can’t go buy these off the shelf. All the fixture and LEDs have a five to eight year warranty. All the fixtures whose bulbs are currently being replaced are ballast fixtures. The bulk of the heat produce in those fixtures is from the ballast, which will be removed. The fixture cost alone is $300,000, which includes the exterior lights and every fixture inside. They will be using 2nd shift labor, i.e., outside of regular work hours. This costs more but keeps the library open. Costs from his suppliers increased August 10th. He got them to hold off the increase for 7 days. Discussed the likely ban of sodium vapor, mercury vapor, metal halide, and other lamps. For a public works type project like this, you must have a warranty, lumen output is important, and it must be rated for a commercial environment. The current fixtures use indirect lighting, directed upward, therefore, insufficient light is directed downward for reading.
Director Anderson asked how long to see our return of investment. He can’t say how long it will take for the electricity savings to pay for the upgrade cost without doing an energy audit. She requested a materials list, and so on. He said they will be provided. She asked if he worked with an architect or engineer. He said no as there was no requirement to do so.
Chair Shewalter asked Mr. James how many years’ experience he had and how much was his kickback. (He said 35 and zero.) The Chair stated that the current fixtures could not be refitted. There are safety/fire issues when putting low current bulbs into high current circuits.
Trustee Mounts – The price is shocking but safety of the library and its users is paramount. She asked Mr. James where the materials were made and lead times. He stated that where he could buy American, he did. However, 90% of the chips are made in China. Thirty days is the lead time on most things. The large fixtures he won’t know until he places the order for them.
Chair Shewalter stated that all the NRS requirements for a public works project such as this have been met. A Scope of Work was prepared, bid packs were published, bid packs were given to people, and only one bid was returned of four.
Trustee Shoemake thanked Mr. James for being very available. He also resented the public comment that bribes seemed possible.
Trustee Mitchell – Stated that he was not informed throughout this whole process. He knew a Scope of Work was approved to be done, but that was the last thing he heard. Due to the OML restrictions, it doesn’t give a board member a chance to investigate a vote on a topic until that topic is agendized and it’s time to vote. It was concerning due to the total cost of the project but he felt it is needed. He stated that Capital Projects Funds are not simply for emergencies but rather for needed upgrades, lighting, flooring, and so on. What he would have liked before the meeting was a good set of backup with details of what was to be done. He only saw for a few seconds a short list of costs minutes before the meeting. If project documents prior to the meeting would have been provided, he may not have complained so strongly.
Chair Shewalter commented on the OML as it related to this project. He and the Vice Chair worked on this and therefore could not discuss it with another board member.
The motion was approved by a vote of 5 to 0.
General Public Comment: 
C.J. Stevens – Questioned why this board needs to reach out to their lawyer for each agenda. Other boards don’t. Kickbacks are not given to the contractors. Concerned that the director was not consulted nor given a breakdown of the work and costs. Flooring wasn’t changed due to Covid. Blaming the past director is out of line. Mr. Blundo’s comments shows he is still out to get the past director. When the polio vaccine was given, autism did not go up.
Pznowski – The DA reviews the agenda for clarity and accuracy but does not look for possible legal actions.
Bruce Schoenberger – Stated that there are ways to determine cost savings due to the improved lighting by going online using formulas found there without going to the expense of an energy audit. Lighting contributes around 30% to the electrical bill.
Trustee, Director, and Liaison Comments:
Meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m.