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Pahrump Community Library
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Library Board Minutes-8/13/18

Pahrump Community Library District
Doris Shirkey, Founder
701 East Street, Pahrump, NV 89048
Board of Trustees Regular Meeting August 13, 2018

Meeting called to order at 10:05am. Present were Carlton McCaslin, Bob Edwards, Joy Marshall, and Susan Wonderly.  Guests present were Amy Bruno, Alysha Wogee, and Mandy Cafeo.

Public comment:  Happy Left-Handed Day from Carlton.

Adoption of Agenda/Consent of agenda: Bob made a motion to accept the agenda; Joy seconded and the motion carried. 
Acceptance of minutes of 7/9/18 meeting: Joy made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as written; Bob seconded and the motion carried. 

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) Susan presented the report. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Joy made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Bob seconded and the motion carried.  


Authorization of Pre-Payment: Susan explained that utility bills (electric, water, trash, and phone) are being charged late fees due to the method of payment with the County and she therefore requested permission to pre-pay these bills to save those charges. This requires a letter to the County, signed by the Board, to that effect (attached). Carlton made a motion that the Board sign the letter as requested and give said permission; Joy seconded and the motion carried. Those Board members absent today will be asked to sign the letter then Susan will file it with the County.

Bid for Painters: Susan explained that she would like to have the painting done, inside and out, prior to the carpet replacement; she, therefore, requests authorization to proceed with the request for bids. Bob made a motion that Susan request bids for painting the Library, inside and out, with an optional bid for the back offices; Joy seconded and the motion carried. Susan will, hopefully, report on bids received at the next Board meeting.

Calendar update: The next regular meeting will be held Monday September 10, 2018 at 10:00 am. 

Librarian’s Report:  (attached).  
Stats attached. 
Vouchers signed. 

Public Comment:  Mandy asked if any Board members would like their email attached to their name on our website; Amy suggested creating an email for all the Board members that would be checked by a supervisor and reported upon to the Board members as needed and/or at meetings. The Board members are thought that would be a good idea. Mandy will contact our email provider. Susan reported that she had spoken to the person suspected of stealing our “for-sale” DVDs and he has been asked to leave the Library, which he has quietly done. 

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Joy seconded, and the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 10:26 am.

Submitted by: Susan Wonderly