Pahrump Community Library District
Doris Shirkey, Founder
701 East Street
Pahrump, Nevada  89048
Board of Trustees Regular Meeting December 14, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 11:03am. Pledge was said. Present were Chris Zimmerman (Zoom), Bill Newyear, Susan Wonderly, Janice Painter and Joy Marshall. Marie Long was an excused absent. Guests present were Amy Bruno, Shanna Gibbons, Alysha Wogee, and Daniel McArthur (phoned in).

Approval of Agenda/Consent of agenda: Bill Newyear was the first to approve the Agenda as written and Joy Marshall seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Public Comment: None

Approval of minutes of 11/09/20 meeting: Joy Marshall made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting; Bill Newyear seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) Susan noted that the current report is attached and it was reviewed. 

Vouchers were signed by board members that were present. Joy Marshall made a motion to accept the signing of the vouchers; Janice Painter seconded and the motion carried.

Librarian’s report: Susan discussed the Librarian’s Report (attached). 

Bill Newyear asked about the occupancy and we have had more than 25 people in at a time and Susan said no. Hotspots were also discussed and said that the checking in and out is going well. 

Emergency Items: None 

Report on Financial Statement: Dan McArthur said that the wrong copy of the report was sent out, but he would review what he has and can come to the meeting next month if need be. He stated that the results of the audit were good and that the library was compliant. There were no budget violations or NRS violations. He also stated that the library is in such good financial standing that even if no revenue was collected, that the library would still be able to run for 2 years. He also stated that there have been no problems with staff or management.

Susan Wonderly: She asked if there was a way that we could create a new fund for the operational cost of the future  book mobile. Dan McArthur stated he would send a draft resolution for a new fund. 

Review of Current Hours and Services: The board agreed that the hours should stay as is and can change later if we feel the need to. The library staff agreed that things are running smoothly.

Board Members/Director Comments: Susan Wonderly stated that she would like to have the resolution of the book mobile fund and in January she would like to review more policies.

Bill Newyear: Bill stated that he is now working with the Pahrump Museum and that he would like to work together with the library.

Shanna Gibbons: She asked if we were going to keep the board meetings at 11am or change them back to 10am. The board decided to change them back to 10am since the library is open at 10.

2nd Public Comment: None

Adjournment: Janice Painter made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Bill Newyear seconded, and the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 11:44am.

Submitted by Joy Marshall