Patron Responsibilities and Conduct 

It is a patron's responsibility to maintain necessary and proper standards of behavior in order to protect his/her individual rights and the rights and privileges of other patrons. If a patron creates a public nuisance, that patron may be restricted from the Library and from the use of the library facilities. Those who are unwilling to leave or do not leave within a reasonable amount of time, after being instructed to do so by the staff, will be subject to the law. The Pahrump Community Library encourages visits by young children and it is our desire to make this important visit both memorable and enjoyable for the child. Library staff is not expected to assume responsibility for the care of unsupervised children in the library.


Applicability: The following rules apply to all persons who use the library for any purpose:

Conduct: All users of the library shall conduct themselves in such a way as not to hinder the use of the facility.  Improper conduct includes loud talking, obstruction of space, or of equipment, excessive time at computers, littering, or using the library for unauthorized purposes.  Violators of these rules may be asked by the staff to comply or depart.  Extreme cases may result in removal of library privileges.

The following are prohibited:

•    Illegal weapons as defined by Nevada Revised Statutes  and the United States Constitution. 
•    Use of any form of tobacco, (including e-cigarettes) in library building.
•    Possession, sale or use of alcohol, narcotic drugs (except by prescription), illegal or controlled drugs.
•    Any kind of solicitation or sales activity for profit, except for library business.
•    Animals except those used to aid the handicapped.
•    Food or beverages are not permitted in the library except water in spill-proof containers. Entering an unauthorized area, remaining in the library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations.
•    Tampering with or intentionally damaging computer hardware, software, printers, operating systems, or other associated equipment.
•    Using offensive, threatening, harassing, or abusive language or gestures to patrons or staff.
•    Personal hygiene that materially disrupts others from using library facilities, collections, or services.  Shaving, bathing, or laundering clothes in public restrooms. 

The following restrictions apply:
•    Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
•    Personal items left behind, lost, or stolen, are not the responsibility of the Library; however, a “lost and found box” may be maintained at the check-out desk. 
•    Special rules governing children in the library are published separately and are posted in the library (Pahrump Community Library, Children Supervision Policy).
•    Engaging in loud conversations or rowdy behavior. Cell phones must be placed on silent mode. Study rooms are available to receive calls. 
•    Roller skates, roller blades, or skateboards may not be used on library property.
•    An adult unaccompanied by a child in the Youth Service’s area who is not engaged in library business may be asked to leave the Youth Service area.

Protection of Property: Library users shall not damage furniture, equipment, periodicals or books.  Stealing or otherwise removing property without authorization is prohibited.  (Nevada Revised Statues 379.160).

Enforcement of the above rules shall be the duty and responsibility of the Library staff who shall take appropriate action when violations occur.  Any county or town ordinances regarding such activity as vagrancy, loitering, pandering, and pan-handling applies to this public library and shall be enforced on library property. 

Adopted by the Pahrump Community Library Board of Trustees_12-11-00  11/9/070 5/19/11reviewed 9/8/14


The Pahrump Community Library is not the guarantor of the safety of the children who use our facilities.  Our facilities are open to the public, a situation that can present risks to children.  The safety and security of the children are the responsibility of the parent or adult caregiver.  The Pahrump Community Library does not and cannot act as a babysitter or protector of children.

 A child under the age of 10 years should be under the supervision of a person who assumes responsibility for him or her.

If a child wishes to leave the library, the library staff cannot legally detain him or her. 

Parents of adult caregivers should monitor all activities and behavior of their children while they are in the library.  The staff person in charge will request that a child leave the premises if the Library Rules of Conduct are not followed.

If a minor, anyone under the age of 18, is left at a library at closing time or in the event of an emergency situation, staff will attempt to contact the parents or adult caregivers.  If the parents or adult caregivers cannot be contacted, staff will immediately notify the sheriff.

If in the event an emergency forces the immediate closing of the library, children should know what procedure to follow as determined by their parents or adult caregivers.

Adopted by the Pahrump Community Library Board of Trustees on  04/09/01  11/19/07  -05/19/11 9/8/14; reviewed 1/11/2021