Pahrump Community Library District
Doris Shirkey, Founder
701 East Street, Pahrump, NV 89048
Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

July 8, 2019

Meeting called to order at 10:04 am. Present were Carlton McCaslin, John Pawlak, Janice Painter, and Susan Wonderly.  Guests present were Amy Bruno, Mandy Cafeo and Alysha Wogee.

Public comment:  None

Consent Agenda: Adoption of Agenda/Consent of agenda: Janice made a motion to accept the agenda; John seconded and the motion carried. 
Acceptance of minutes of 6/10/19 meeting: John made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as written; Joy seconded and the motion carried. 

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) Susan presented the report. Brief discussion followed. John made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Janice seconded and the motion carried.  


Hot Spots: Susan explained about portable Hot Spot devices that can be purchased from Sprint and checked out to patrons (more info attached). Amy explained that they use cell tower technology so that anyone within range of a cell tower would be able to have temporary internet access with one. Other libraries have seen success with these and both Amy and Susan believe the population here would welcome the service, especially snowbirds, people waiting for Internet installation, etc. After some discussion, John made a motion that the Library get 6 of the portable Hot Spot devices and that their usage be reported after 6 months; Janice seconded and the motion carried.

Computers: Amy explained that after Network Savants had a chance to clear everything off the Kids’ server, as previously discussed, and Cybrarian was able to have access per its original agreement, everything has been working as originally planned. Though there have been some minor glitches, mostly due to power issues (probably related to the recent earthquakes), everything has been running as it should on the Kids’ Computers. Amy wants to wait a couple of weeks or so to make sure all is well, then proceed with the lab (on its own server) and the floor computers (on their own server). Carlton asked for a report at the next meeting and commended Amy for her persistence in achieving success with the computers.

Calendar update: The next regular meeting will be held Monday August 12, 2019, @ 10:00am. 

Librarian’s Report: Susan briefly went over the past month. Janice asked about the trees in A/C and Susan explained that a couple of trees had taken root near the outside A/C units so she had the landscaping people cut them down. They were sending roots under the units so they also added poison to actually kill the trees.  She reminded everyone that the date for Joy’s BBQ Party had to be changed but there were a couple of conflicts so she will check with Joy and get back to everyone. Susan shared that Mandy has announced her retirement date and thanked her for her years with the Library, and for the lengthy notice for finding/training her replacement. She will be missed (letter attached).

Stats attached. 
Vouchers signed. 

Public Comment:  Susan reported that the new toilet has finally been installed in the public ladies’ room. Amy wanted to make sure all present knew that she has heard nothing but praise for Alysha, and Julie, and the Summer Reading Program; it has been a great success. The final sessions are this week, with the Fire Truck making its annual visit to spray the kids—always a big hit!

Janice made a motion to adjourn the meeting; John seconded, and the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 10:41am.

Submitted by:
Susan Wonderly