The Pahrump Community Library is proud to offer our Little Libraries in various locations around the Pahrump Valley. 

Little Libraries look like large mailboxes--but they only hold books! They are initailly stocked by Library Volunteers from donations to the Library; volunteers also periodically check on the Libraries to make sure they are in good repair and full. There are books for all ages, fiction and non-fiction--and all with no check-outs, due dates, late fees, or circulation record.

It's simple! Visit a Little Library for a book (or 2, or 3!). When you're ready for something new, visit again. You can return the book you picked the first time and/or you can bring one of your own books you're ready to part with. When all the users do this, the Little Library has a free, self-sustaining, ever-changing collection of books for everyone. Plus, we'll add to it as needed.

Current locations: Discovery Park (1170-1180 Pahrump Valley Blvd), Ian Deutch Memorial Park (1600 Honeysuckle St.), and in Crystal, NV (Crystal Ranch Road and Mustang Ln, Crystal, NV).

If a Little Library requires attention, please call 775-727-5930.

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