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Library Board Minutes 5/23/22 Special Meeting

Special Board Meeting minutes – 5/23/2022

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am.

Member Roll Call: Present were John Shewalter, Dave Ochenreider, Brian Shoemake, Dee Mounts, Kameron Mitchell, Director Vanja Anderson, and Asst. Director Shanna Gibbons. Guests present were, Children’s Director Alysha Wogee and members of the public. Michelle Nelson from the District Attorney’s office was attending via telephone conference.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Trustee/Director/Liaison Comments: None.

Approval of the Agenda: The agenda was approved.

General Public Comment: None.

Agenda Item 7 For Possible Action: Shoemake moved to approve the 2022-2023 budget by Daniel McArthur, CPA representing Daniel McArthur Ltd. The motion was seconded by Mounts.

Mr. McArthur began by stating that the tentative budget was provided to the Department of Taxation and that it was approved by them. He stated that the final budget must be approved by the Board and filed by May 31.

He continued by explaining the General Fund revenue items starting with the property tax numbers, which were provided by the County Assessor, County Treasurer, and the Department of Taxation (DOT) offices. He further explained the consolidated tax values as being the DOT projected sales, liquor, cigarette, and other taxes allotted to the Library District. He further explained some of the other revenues sources and values, which totaled $1,231,911. He described the beginning fund balance as the total carry-over moneys from the previous year which can be used in the current year. This value is $1,416,417. This and the above revenues are the total resources available to the Library District of for the 2022-2023 budget year and amount to $2,648,328.

Next he described the expenditures starting with salaries, wages, benefits, and services and supplies totaling $843,000. He then described the operating Transfers Out, which are funds used for specific capital projects. This totaled $100,000.

The next fund described was the Friends of the Library. Once all the moneys from this fund are spent, this fund would cease to exist. He further explained that the budget for this fund could be changed by placing in the budget the entire amount of the fund ($6534.00) thus allowing for its use in the current budget year but not obligating the Board to do so.

In order to amend the values in this schedule, the Board rescinded the motion and second on the floor. Then Shewalter moved to amend the Pahrump Friends of the Library fund expenditures to include the entire fund amount ($6534.00). The motion was seconded by Mounts.

Next discussion involved the Bookmobile Fund. In order to have enough money to buy a bookmobile and stock it, it was decided to move the entire amount of the fund ($500,000) to the expenditures line. It was further explained that the investment would remain in the fund and continue receiving interest until the money was depleted. Additionally, if the moneys were not spent, the remainder would stay in the fund for future use.

In order to include additional amendments to the budget into a single amendment to the budget, the previous amendment to amend the Friends of the Library budget was rescinded by Shewalter and Mounts.

The Capital Projects Fund, was discussed next. The balance brought forward was $1,362,364 plus an operating transfer from the General Fund of $100,000, which totaled $1,462,364 as available resources. The expenditures as requested by staff were budgeted at $700,000 leaving an ending fund balance of $762,364, which would carry forward to the 2024 year. A capital improvements plan will need to be submitted by August 1st and must equal the $700,000 budgeted. As expenditures are forecast or used, the budget may be amended.

Shewalter raised a question concerning the General fund expenditures. Mr. McArthur explained that the ending fund balance cannot change, however, the values in the expenditures can be moved from services to salaries and so on. He also explained that if the current year ending fund balance is more than the estimated, those additional moneys may be used to change the expenditure amounts. You can also budget monies into the Contingency Use expenditure that could be transferred at a later date. Another option would be to increase services and supplies, which could then be transferred to other expenditures as needed.

Mitchell moved to add a category of capital expense to the expenditures of the bookmobile fund and to budget $300,000 for it. The motion died for a lack of a second.

Shewalter then moved to approve and amend the 2022-2023 budget by Daniel McArthur, CPA representing Daniel McArthur Ltd. to include the following amendments: 1) increase the General Fund expenditures for services and supplies to $350,000, and add up to $33,000 but not to exceed 3% of total expenditures to Contingency use; 2) increase the Friends of the Library expenditures for services and supplies to $6,534; and 3) increase the Book Mobile expenditures for services and supplies to $500,000. The motion was seconded by Mitchell.

Due to the extensive discussion, Public Comment was reopened for this action item. No public comment was given.

The motion passed by a 5 – 0 vote.

General Public Comment:

Aaron Koehler – Thanked the Board and was glad to see action toward the Bookmobile.

Gene Fisher – Complimented the Board on their wise spending of the Library Districts funds especially considering inflation and the world’s attempt to devalue the US dollar.

Trustee, Director, and Liaison Comments:

Mitchell thanked Mr. McArthur for all the information he has provided and all the work he has done.

Mounts said Mr. McArthur did a fabulous job.

Ochenreider and Shoemake concurred.

Shewalter was grateful to Mr. McArthur as he made all this happen.

Gibbons wanted to thank his assistant Hillary as well.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am.