Pahrump Community Library Political Activity in Library Facilities Policy

Although libraries collect materials that represent a diverse array of viewpoints and opinions in political matters, it is not in the interest of the library to become a setting for political activities such as the display or distribution of campaign materials for elected officials or ballot measures. The purpose of this policy is to define the types of political activities prohibited on library premises. 

For the purpose of this policy:
Ballot Initiative:  refers to any ordinance, measure, referendum, or amendment authorized by popular vote.
Candidate: refers to any individual campaigning for an elected office. 
Library: refers to the Pahrump Community Library.
Premises: refers to library facilities including exterior and interior walls, meeting rooms, windows, entrances or doorways, hallways, offices, parking lots, and any public areas. 

The following political activities are prohibited on library premises: 
•    In person solicitation of votes for any candidate or ballot initiative
•    In person solicitation of contributions for any candidate or ballot initiative
•    Display of posters or flyers in support of any candidate or ballot initiative
•    Distribution of flyers, brochures, or other printed material in support of any candidate of ballot initiative.
•    Use of the library website or social media accounts for any of the above activities. 

Adopted by Pahrump Library Board of Trustees on October 8, 2018, reviewed 4/12/21