Board Meeting Minutes – 09/22/21

Meeting was called to order at 10:01a.m. Pledge was said. Present were John Shewalter, Dave Ochenreider, Brian Shoemake, Kameron Mitchell and Shanna Gibbons. Guests present were Alysha Wogee, Barbara Wieder, and various members of the public.

Trustee/Director Comments: Shanna Gibbons announced that youth programs are starting back up in October.

Approval of Agenda/Consent of agenda: Date was noted and corrected to September, 22 2021. Agenda item 12 was stricken from the agenda.

Public Comment: None

Emergency Items: None.

Approval of Minutes from August, 20 2021 meeting: Brian Shoemake made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting; Kameron Mitchell seconded and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: (attached) Shanna Gibbons reviewed.

Discussion and Deliberation to approve vouchers: Brian Shoemake made a motion to approve the minutes, and Dave Ochenreider seconded the motion and it carried. Vouchers were signed by board members.

Librarian’s report: Shanna Gibbons discussed the Librarian’s Report (attached). 

Presentation and Discussion by Nevada Action for School Options: Agenda item was stricken from the agenda.

Discussion and Deliberation to amend all references to the Pahrump Community Library District, to Pahrump Library District: Brian Shoemake made a motion to open the discussion, Kameron Mitchell seconded it. The motion passed to be discussed. After a brief discussion, the item was tabled so more information on the NRS and more clarification on the purpose of changing the reference of the library could be reviewed. John Shewalter made a motion to table the item and Brian Shoemake seconded the motion. 

Discussion and Deliberation to approve or amend and approve the library director qualifications: During a discussion, there was confusion on what this item was referring to. The item was approved then withdrawn at the end of the discussion, due to the confusion. The board members let the item die with the intent of having a special meeting to discuss it further. Brian Shoemake made a motion to let the item die and Dave Ochenreider seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Discussion and Deliberation to add trustee emails to the library website: Brian Shoemake made a motion to accept the action and John Shewalter seconded it. The motion passed. Shanna Gibbons will set the emails up for the board members. 

Discussion and Deliberation to display a donated copy of the Nye County Resolution no. 2021-13, A Resolution Making Nye County a Bill of Rights Sanctuary, in a location directed by the board: Brian Shoemake made a motion to open the discussion, Dave Ochenreider seconded it. The motion carried, with a three to one vote. 

Discussion and Deliberation to review and approve, amend and approve or reject proposal dated 9/1/2021 from Floyd’s Construction: Brian Shoemake made a motion to accept, Kameron Mitchell seconded the motion. Everyone agreed and the motion passed for Floyd’s Construction to replace the 2-inch water pipe, for the estimate of $13,500. The bid was signed by all board members.

General public comment: A member of the public had some requests for future agenda items, such as filling the board to 5 people, having children’s online services continued, a request for the board to be familiar with the ALA and NLA library standards and their connection with them, and had a concern regarding item 16 which discussed the Bill of Rights Resolution.

Director Trustee Comments: Due to concerns from the general public, John Shewalter stated that the agenda is posted 3 business days before the meeting. Also, Kameron Mitchell said that there is a 5th board member seat open, that will be filled soon. 

Adjournment: Adjourned at 11:54 a.m. 

Next meeting will be October 20, 2021 at 10 a.m.