Swap Books are available at the Library. A Library card is not required to take these pre-read books and, despite the name, nothing is required in return.

You may take up to 15 swaps at a time, return them if & when you like, and new ones are always welcome.

Swap Books include paperback novels, non-fiction, and magazines. These are well-loved books and include lots of fiction, romance, and western titles. The magazines are widely varied back issues, and include: People, Time, Consumer Digest, Prevention Health, Reader's Digest, Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Us, The Inquirer, Photography, Country, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Entertainment Weekly, Woman's World, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic, plus many more! All these materials come from donations, so you never know what you might find.

Be sure to let the Main Circulation Desk staff know how many Swaps you are taking.