Board Meeting minutes – 12/12/2022

Item 1 - Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:03 am.

Item 2 - Member Roll Call: Present were Chairman John Shewalter, Vice Chair Brian Shoemake, Dave Ochenreider, Dee Mounts, Kameron Mitchell, Director Vanja Anderson, Asst. Director Shanna Gibbons, and Children’s Director Alysha Wogee. Guests present were members of the public.

Item 3 - The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Item 4 - Trustee/Director/Liaison Comments:

Director Anderson reported on the book mobile survey. 54 responses with an average of 3.5/5.0 in favor. See backup for full report.

Item 5 - Approval of the Agenda: Item 7 (Emergency Items) was stricken from the agenda. The agenda was approved as amended.

Item 6 - General Public Comment:

Jane Goodrow – Her comments from the November meeting were not concluded. She finished those comments by saying that the change order #1 for Industrial Light and Power was not voted on nor approved. However, the Board approved payment. That change included legal fees that should not be included. She requests an answer to this apparent error.

Ray Squyres – Thanked the staff for the good rapport with the railroad club. He also apologized for the disruption. The train club receives no monies from the raffle, rather it gives them to the library staff to do with as they see fit and outside of the budgeting process. The club is for the entertainment of the public.

Item 8 - Approval of the Minutes: Jane Goodrow requested item 6 of the minutes be amended to replace “Pacific Power and Light” with “Industrial Light and Power.”

Shoemake made a motion to accept the minutes of the November 14, 2022 Library Board of Trustees meeting as amended. Mounts seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as amended by a vote of 5 - 0.

Item 9 - Presentation Treasurer’s Report: Director Anderson presented the treasurer’s report on expenditures and revenues for November 2022, which can be found in the backup. She noted that there is still a credit from ATT so that doesn’t show up. Total expenses were $13,779.08 for the month; Capital Projects for the year were $444,342; and total labor for the year was $263,984.20. Revenues minus expenditures totaled $254,180.48.

Item 10 - Approval of Payment Vouchers: Line item for DP Air for $4035 was decreased to $1575 as $2460 of the amount was paid last month. Shewalter made a motion to amend and approve the payment vouchers for the period of November 2022 to December 2022. The motion was seconded by Shoemake.

Jane Goodrow suggested the payment for the legal fees be subtracted from the Industrial Light and Power voucher.

The approval was made by a 5 - 0 vote and the vouchers as amended were signed.

Item 11 - Presentation Librarian’s Report:

Director Anderson read her report as provided in backup. Of note: Susan Moore gave some materials to support the blind and hard of sight; Morningstarr resigned; Kraven was hired full time; Janette hired to a part time position; electric bill reduced by $250; events successful.

Shanna Gibbons reported on the November 2022 library activities, which included patron traffic, books checked out, books returned, internet usage, website usage, and materials added.

Alysha Wogee reported on the children’s programs including baby time, story time, STEAM, and teen club. December events will keep them very busy. See full report in backup.

Item 12 - Trustee, Director, and Liaison Comments:

Mitchell – the bookmobile survey had 54 respondents; our total in-house usage is between 4700 and 6100. The number of respondents is not a significant number to make a decision about the bookmobile. We need to do something else re: the survey.

After spending time on last month’s minutes and trying to determine where Jane Goodrow’s comments were headed, he came to the same conclusion she stated today: that change order #1 was not approved by the board. We need to look at that in a future meeting and do whatever is necessary to correct it or get it taken care of.

Mounts thanked the public for their attendance.

Ochenreider wished all a Merry Christmas.

Shoemake profusely thanked Industrial Light and Power and those involved for the improvements to the library lighting. He wished all a Merry Christmas.

Shewalter hoped everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. He thanked the train club for their display and the donations to the staff. The train display will return in March 2023. Merry Christmas to all!

Item 13 - Meeting adjourned at 10:37 am.